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A stunning collection of audio recordings made during travel. Wojnarowicz has an incredible voice: weary, demanding, resonant and sharp. The stories told, ideas explored, and declarations will be familiar to all fans of the artist, but singular in this presentation.

“This edition presents the audio of the ‘Cross Country’ tapes in published form for the first time. Other than minor edits for length, the audio in this edition is just as Wojnaorwicz recorded it. In addition to having been deliberate about his intention to have his private journals posthumously published, Wojnarowicz was clear about the political implications of the very idea of the private-public divide. ‘Each public disclosure of a fragment of private reality serves as a dismantling tool against the illusion of a ONE-TRIBE NATION.'” – Derek Baron of Reading Group, in the liner notes of David Wojnarowicz, Cross Country 3xLP. Limited edition, 2nd pressing of 200 copies.