Seprock – Beat Tape Side A and Side B 2xLP




Seprock is a Hawaiian DJ now based in New Orleans. “Beat Tape” was an infamous cassette that passed hand to hand, ultimately reaching Brice White of Sinking City Records, who pressed the 24 tracks onto two LPs. Seprock is a hyperactive listener but you’d never know from the immersive instrumental tracks on “Beat Tape” unless you sat down and tried to map out all the samples. An incomprehensible mess of records went into assembling these tracks, yet the experience is a seamless, warm embrace of sound. Exquisitely crafted, “Beat Tape” rewards vigilant, trainspotter-y examinations but also sounds great on a long car trip accompanied by hours of conversation. Welcomes dancing and subwoofers but also laying face down on your bedroom floor with headphones. Listen HERE