Seprock – Beat Tape Side A and Side B 2xLP




“Beat Tape” is an understated monument, a tribute to decade of careful, thoughtful listening. While it’s definitely rooted in hip hop, centering the drums and the flexibility of sampling, this double LP is an omnivorous creature, wading through laconic, cool-headed tones, futuristic electro, headache throbs, and loose-limbed swing. You can discern the touch of the RZA and J Dilla, but also the coyness of Belle and Sebastian and the humble, human yearn of Allen Toussaint productions. Exquisitely crafted, “Beat Tape” rewards vigilant, trainspotter-y examinations but also sounds great on a long car trip accompanied by hours of conversation. Welcomes dancing and subwoofers but also laying face down on your bedroom floor with headphones. Listen HERE