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Complete discography of this jittery, unpredictable, deeply beloved mid-90s band. Xerobot ran in the same wild circle as The Scissor Girls, JAKS, Duotron, and Math, all sharp corners and elbows, creating endless space for weirdoes and misfits. Their 1996 CD “Control Panel” is an explosive gem, and has been a difficult find for decades now. This LP combines the entire of that disc, along with their split 7″, comp tracks, and unreleased songs. Also includes a 20 page booklet with the story of Xerobot, told by the band members, their friends, collaborators, and fans, including Steve Albini, Bobby Conn, Amy Heneveld, Sarah Hennies, and more. 8500 words long, illustrated throughout with archival photos, flyers, and ephemera. The first pressing of this record was limited to 180 copies, the label is sold out and awaiting a repress, these are the last copies available at this time. Red vinyl, also includes a sticker.