Making records is an opaque process. There are a lot of steps to take and decisions to make that don’t always explain themselves very well. This is not intended to be a guide to making records – please see the Simple Machines Mechanics Guide, or for a detailed explanation of making the record itself I really like the explanation at Aardvark Mastering – but I am sharing this information in the hopes that it will help clarify the process of making and pricing a new record.

Tape Transfer: $300

Mastering: $995

Vinyl mastering: $933

LP pressing: $2597.78

Photo reproduction fee: $200

Center label printing: $240

Jacket printing: $1966.62

Stickers: $39

Plastic outer sleeves: $86.74

Total: $7358.14

Edition of 500 copies

Each copy costs $14.71 to manufacture

After production costs are recouped, all proceeds are split evenly between Ben Neill, the estate of David Wojnarowicz, and Visual AIDS. JABS does not take any profit from this LP.

Proceeds from all digital sales go directly to the artists.

email jabsrecords at with any questions or for information about vendors

Keep in mind that paypal takes $1.17 from each sale of this record (30 cent fixed fee plus 2.9%). If purchased through bandcamp, bandcamp takes an additional $2.50 from the sale.

LP mailers cost $1.49 each. Media mail costs $3.45 for a double LP sent anywhere in the US.