The Scissor Girls

Making records is an opaque process. There are a lot of steps to take and decisions to make that don’t always explain themselves very well. This is not intended to be a guide to making records – please see the Simple Machines Mechanics Guide, or for a detailed explanation of making the record itself I really like the explanation at Aardvark Mastering – but I am sharing this information in the hopes that it will help clarify the process of making and pricing a new record.

DAT Transfer: $100

Vinyl mastering: $424

Vinyl production: $965.25

Inner sleeve printing: $627

Outer jacket printing: $1590.67

Center label printing: $160

Rubber stamps for center labels: $55

Stickers: $53.75

Plastic outer sleeves: $86.74

Total: $4062.41

This was intended to be an edition of 500 copies, however the printer for the outer jackets delivered 84 defective covers (printed upside down, or with bad glue, or with scratches/rips) and rather than re-print them they chose to partially refund the printing cost. So there are 107 copies of the vinyl/inner sleeve that do not have jackets. Once the complete copies sell out, I’ll figure out how to make those available, which will change the numbers a bit. But it’s such a headache right now I can’t spend time thinking about it.

Edition of 418 copies

Each copy cost $9.71 to manufacture

After production costs are recouped, all proceeds will be split 50/50 between the band and the label.

Proceeds from all digital sales belong 100% to the band

email jabsrecords at with any questions or for information about vendors

Keep in mind that paypal takes 88 cents from each sale of this record (30 cent fixed fee plus 2.9%). If purchased through bandcamp, bandcamp takes an additional $1.50 from the sale.

LP mailers cost $1.49 each. Media mail costs $2.89 for a single LP sent anywhere in the US.