Glassworks Coffee interview with AZITA

I actually just got the Scissor Girls Demo LP. I think it turned out really well.

Yeah, it’s pretty. I haven’t heard it yet, but it looks nice. I mean, I can’t really listen to my old stuff. But I realized that everything on that, I think it’s like 7 things, that’s the exact first time I wrote any songs. I never once even tried writing before those songs.

Oh wow!

I know! It’s so weird, because I never thought about that this whole time, but that’s why it’s hard to listen to?

If you haven’t listened to it yet, you may not realize this, but it’s a 45 rpm record, and I don’t think it says that anywhere on the labels.

Oh my god, I did not know that! Wow, I guess that makes sense.

I threw it on and was like “Man, it’s been ages since I listened to the Scissor Girls, but I don’t remember this groove they’ve got goin’ on…” and then your vocals came in and I realized the issue. That said, it’s still a great listen!

It all makes sense now.

I know the label that put it out had some delays due to printing issues with the jackets, but the guy Ethan was super responsive and cool about the whole thing. 

Right, right. They did have some printing issues. I got to know him because of this, but Dan Koretzky had put him in touch with me and was vouching for him. So yeah, he was very cool to deal with in every way. He wrote me an email explaining the printing problems they had. Someone had posted about the delay on my Facebook, and another person commented saying they saw pictures of the bad covers and that they looked terrible, so I’m glad he redid them. Then, what I saw what the finished ones really look like, I just thought they look amazing. To me, since I have the cassette that was scanned, obviously, it looks exactly like the cassette sitting in the middle of this black field because of the spot varnish. It’s just the exact cassette cover. It’s cool.

Glassworks Coffee of Chicago, Illinois posted a great interview with Azita Youssefi about making music which includes a long history of the Scissor Girls, and some specific details about JABS 04 – The Scissor Girls LP which reproduces their 1992 demo cassette on vinyl for the first time. Apologies to anyone who’s been confused by the record playing at 45 RPM!

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