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“And so you think, well, if music is transformative, why doesn’t it do more transforming?” – Will Oldham, 2020

“the thing I don’t get about hardcore is all the songs are about change but the music has sounded exactly the same for decades” – my sister, literally every time I talked about music from 1995 – 2012

‘Punk is Dad’ was originally published in 2011 by Jamie Johns who recently wrote the essay that accompanies the record “Book of Curses” by Adulkt Life. ‘Punk is Dad’ was completed just after Jamie left “Freak Scene,” her column at The Fader. Freak Scene covered “noise, drone, lo-fi, hardcore, and anything damaged / weird / photocopied.” SAME!!! These are all spaces that demand a lot of commitment and make a lot of assumptions which can be reassuring but also makes a lot of room for stupidity and awful behavior. A year or two of close examination / reporting on these scenes lends ‘Punk is Dad’ this clenched jaw quality that is SO PROFOUNDLY COMPELLING because Jamie is excellent at cutting through the shitty equivocations and hedging of punks and reminding the reader that we could all be just, like, 5% more considerate and the benefits would be massive, unmeasurable. Despair and hope all in one succinct zine!

8 1/4 inches x 4 3/4 inches, 16 pages plus insert, saddle stitched

Published by The Grass is Green in the Fields For You, Glasgow