Nisennenmondai and Waiters are two bands that work in repetition and tension to very different ends. Nisennenmondai are a trio from Japan with a long history of no wave/krautrock influenced damage. There is a case to be made for their expansive, 10-minute long jams, but the concise, vicious punch of “Soundtrack 4 For Nobetsumakunashi” heard here is a spiky provocation of a song. Maybe 10 seconds too long for how rough a listen it is, but also brisk enough that you want to start over immediately.

Waiters are one of Manchester’s great bands, owning a trudging, determined sound. Drearily melodic, earnest yet somewhat secretive, like the Shop Assistants rehearsing after a miserable day of work, or “Box Elder” played in all minor chords instead. Their contribution here is the nearly five-minute long “Tomorrowland,” a ringing, yearning hymn, a song that feels like the opposite of hypnosis, a kind of wide-eyed attention that pushes the listener to a kind of placelessness.

Issued by Comfortable on a Tightrope in 2011.