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“Writing things down was almost an act of provocation, it replaces abstraction and fluidity with a permanence that he didn’t care for or desire in how he thought the language of The Fall should operate.”

This booklet presents an updated version of Paul Wilson’s essay “Language scraps: Mark E. Smith’s handwriting and the typography of The Fall” which was originally published in the 2010 book Mark E. Smith and The Fall: Art, Music and Politics. Wilson beautifully unpacks the individuality of handwriting and the history of attempts to standardize and simplify penmanship alongside his deep understanding of contemporary theories of creating and receiving meaning. This knowledge is presented clearly and generously, and matched by a vast, abiding love of The Fall, leaving no connection untraced, no wonder unexplored.

7 inches x 10 1/4 inches, 36 pages, saddle stitched

Published by The Grass Is Green in the Fields For You, Glasgow