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“They are always different, they are always the same”

Did John Peel know that The Fall were going to provide a lifetime of thought and music? Or was Peel’s early and consistent support of the band the force that allowed Mark E. Smith to make a lifetime of music? I like the idea that unmitigated love (minus the drum and bass experiments on Levitate obviously) might profoundly affect an artist: foster resilience, engender risk-taking, lend strength and crush loneliness. I also am convinced by the idea of the driven, focused artist who doesn’t require or even recognize any of this.

For ‘Entrances Uncovered/Street Signs You Never Saw’ artist Matthew Walkerdine has created a series of collages using photos of Mark E. Smith. They are enigmatic, a little arcane. They unsurprisingly hide more than they reveal. A second publication lurks within, this one is “This Is The Mark E Smith Guide to Writing Guide” which is transcribed from a talk given by Smith on the radio, circa 1983. Similarly reticent, similarly charming.

7 3/4 inches x 10 inches, 16 page outer booklet, 8 page inner booklet, saddle stitched

Published by The Grass is Green in the Fields For You, Glasgow