In the song “Black Clouds,” Donna sings “what I seem to be about/a survivor not a victim.” It’s a short statement full of important ideas – the acknowledgement of trauma; resilience; the vastness of the structures that want to define us and the necessity of self-definition in opposing that force. It also feels like a really paltry goal. Like when I think of my parents and the world they hoped to build via marching and boycotting and striking, it feels like such a slight desire. But it makes sense to me. As it says on the back cover of this LP,  “IT IS RIGHT TO BE DISGUSTED WITH REALITY!” But what do we do with that disgust? Chronophage decided to make catchy, immediate melodies with these breathtaking drops of clarity.  It’s hard to articulate how perfectly crafted these songs are, the way they grab hold, command attention, enrich you.  Like they’re on the level of Badfinger or The Shoes – every note placed perfectly; surprises every verse; purposeful, deft, brave. Who would think to respond to disgust with this kind of unforgettable beauty? The band that understands the urgency of the moment, the gesture needed to push us into the next place.

Released by Post Present Medium in 2022, full color cover with two inserts