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This is a cloudy, evocative, heavily-coded series of collages and text. My first impression was kind of overwhelming, to be honest. There were so many secret knowledges organized against one another, I felt like I had to focus and hold so much in my head at once in order to get these breathless observations and sharp implications. But then I settled into it, let it teach me the language. I think so much about music, yes, but also about the community, the way we make decisions and learn from other people’s decisions. I always struggle with the tension between wanting to make ideas clear and available to anyone and hating recuperation and the marketplace’s ability to drain anything of meaning. The answer is CREATE DISTURBANCE IN YOUR MIND, in the symbolic sense of disquiet and storminess but also in the literal sense of this book, which has an honesty and a truly uncompromising defiance at the center of these deft, mysterious images.

6 inches x 4.75 inches, 132 pages, perfect bound. First edition of 200.

Published by The Grass Is Green In The Fields For You, Glasgow.