Rousing, heartfelt hardcore from mid-90s Tokyo. Sawpit brings to mind a lot of things I love – the desperate melody of Rites of Spring, the furious howl of Torches to Rome, and the high-jumping dynamics of Bold – but I don’t know another record like this. It’s a dire record, a frantic, downcast scream that somehow also makes me want to stagedive. There is so much drama to their tempo changes, their sudden blasts of sound, their halftime breakdowns, but the jangling beauty of their songs and end-of-the-line sore throat scream grounds it all.

This 7” came out in 1996, a split release between Ebullition and Vernacular, a label run by a member of the band. I have loved this record for many years and was delighted to see that Ebullition still has copies. I daydream about doing a 2LP version of their CD discography, but am also kind of daunted by the idea. Though WOW the demo included on that CD with Yuka Yoshimura from OOIOO and DMBQ on it is mindbreakingly great and more people should hear it. This record probably still their masterpiece though.