Skingraft was a band from Rochester, New York who made jarring, technical, rhythmically irregular death metal. Three teenagers who spent the frigid, snowblind, upstate winters mastering arcane scales and double-bass patterns, their elaborate, dynamic songs pair howls and blast beats with brooding, minor-key melodies and deviant rhythms. Picture the bludgeon of Entombed’s ‘Left Hand Path,’ the shattered glass frequencies of Godflesh’s ‘Streetcleaner,’ and the destabilization of ‘Remain Sedate’ by Rorschach. Skingraft recorded these two songs at Rochester’s famed Dajhelon Studios during their junior year of high school. Released on the 30th anniversary of this recording session, this 7” is the first time these songs have been available beyond hermetic tape trading circles.

Mat Colbert went on to play in Blurring, Kalibas, and Humiliating Moan. Andy Meyering is a member of Further Damage.

This 7” is limited to 300 copies. Covers are silkscreened onto handmade paper stock made from pulped bibles. For every seven copies of this record made, one bible was removed from this world. Includes two-sided insert.


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