Perfect cloudy-day garage rock from this Wilmington, Delaware group. Both sides, “She Already Has Somebody” and “I’m For Things You Do” carry this incredibly wistful, earnest, sighing-teenager energy. The band is excellent, never flashy, often making very strange, lovable decisions via watery single-note guitar lines. The drumming is energetic and crisp, steering the songs away from any mope or gloom. The single was originally issued in 1966 on Wilmington label Richie. Hyperloop Records of Eastcombe, UK, has for 2021 released this deluxe reissue, with a picture sleeve and full color 14 x 14″ insert including new liner notes and archival images. I love this band so much – honestly I have a +/- relationship with a lot of music like this and often latch onto some psych reissue for a few months or a year and then lose interest. But I’ve had the compilation of Enfields recordings for 20 years and I never stop returning to it. This record was embarrassingly expensive to buy wholesale, I think it totaled out to like $13.98 each once the international shipping, paypal conversion rate and “convenience fee” was totaled, but I feel really strongly about wanting to make this record available and even just have this opportunity to talk about how much I like it. Thank you!