Tyvek are a physical band! Every cymbal crash, every GO STOP GO GO STOP! bassline, every ringing, seamless chord progression seems like it’s happening in my body and all around me. That contagious energy reminds me most of that feeling when a bunch of people run past you and you start running with them, immediately caught up in their momentum and breathlessness. All the careening and camaraderie and id of it, that stumbling, swept-up feeling that, yes, you can get from The Urinals or Talulah Gosh or Spiritual Unity but truly feels more like a howling pack of kids than any record I can think of. The very special thing about Overground is that it unlocks all the different destinations available to that pack: We’re going to the playground! We saw a cute dog! Mom’s making pizza rolls! We’re leaving and never coming back! We’re going to set a gas station on fire! All that joy, anger, determination, revolution is packed into this record, ALL AT THE SAME TIME

Released 2023 by Gingko Records. Black vinyl, with printed insert.