“Grow up grow up grow up yr meant to be able to deal with this, or let politicians walk you through the valley of the shadows etc smiling and profiling. So make a fucking zine… So this is a zine with that feeling a zine that kicks against the insane redundancy of our politicians and leaders that do not work… A zine that grows a tumour like a flower blossoming in the military brain of hate,, this is your war status says what/????”
— Chris Rowley, from the introduction to YOUR WARTIME STATUS SAYS WHAT

Drawings, collages, fabric work and more contributed by 20 artists in support of resistance. All proceeds donated to Palestinian Youth Movement.

Contributors: Chris Rowley, Chelsea Rose Amato, Daniel Keys, Michael Hambouz, M P Landis, Helen Shrag, Aisha Boudjillouli, Guy Bruit Direct, Love in Hell, Rachel Holborow, Noah W@rm & Duna Haller, Hugh McElroy, Martin Wong, Kilynn Lunsford, Laetitia Paviani, J.K. Hale, Vanya Swift, Asher Case, and Phil Rodriguez.

10.5 x 8 inches, 32 pages, saddle stitched, red, black & green risograph printed, edition of 250

Released in collaboration with The Grass Is Green In The Fields For You, Glasgow. UK/Euro orders will be cheaper through them!