BIRTH DAY BOOK collects song lyrics that reference every age from infancy to 45 years old. The project grew out of an early adulthood fixation on songs as guideposts, the reassurance of “I’m only 19 but my mind is older” or theĀ  bad influence of Iron Maiden’s “Running Free” or the warning of Smog’s “Came Blue.” But the accumulation of decades of listening, of paying attention to this, has revealed some funny/illuminating/stressful arcs in how we think about aging or possibility. $16 is a ridiculous amount of money for a zine I think but each copy costs $4 to print and 90 minutes to make. Each cake is hand-rubbed, each candle is hand-stamped. Limited to 40 copies.

8 x 5 inches, 52 pages, saddle stitched