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Vital Idles are a punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. Their songs are precise and quick, they leave nowhere to hide. There’s no distortion or thunder, it’s like a cut glass version of “Something’s Gone Wrong Again” or “One Way Love” bled of all the rocknroll. What does that leave? Crisp guitar work; notes that chime and hop; persistent, breathless rhythms; one of the greatest deadpan singers in history. They are, it turns out, one of the bravest, most original, and  confrontational bands playing now. All of these things can be fun, Vital Idles know how to make them fun. I’ve never been in a mood that felt wrong for this record, I’ve never stopped being delighted and confused and swept away by these songs.


Released 2018 by Upset the Rhythm, London. Limited to 500 copies on 180 gram translucent vinyl. Full color cover, full color printed innersleeve, with 16 x 24″ poster and download code.