Modessa 7″ now available

Modessa was short-lived band with Helen White (Petty Crime), Amy Heneveld (Meltdown) and Ethan Swan (Emergency) inspired in part by the spectral coolness of Quix*o*tic and the insistence of the faster Raincoats songs but mostly influenced by each other’s bands. This 7″ has been “coming soon!” for 20 years? Excited that it’s finally out. All songs written, recorded, and performed live in a two-week span of time in Portland, 1999. For more info/ordering, click HERE

Scissor Girls LP out December 4

Happy to announce that the next release on JABS will be ‘The Scissor Girls’ a vinyl pressing of The Scissor Girls handmade demo tape, from 1992. This LP represents nearly two years of work, and incredible efforts by the members of the band, Bob Weston, Elliot Dicks, and Fred Thomas to make these songs available once again. Azita was able to find the DAT master, produced by Elliott Dicks in 1992, and after being transferred were remastered for vinyl and pressed at RTI. Full color cover with spot varnish details, printed inner sleeve. Limited to 500 copies, more info and preorder available HERE (direct) or HERE (via bandcamp).

‘Natty Light’ review on Pitchfork

“In the phase showcased on Natty Light, Black Dice collaged the impenetrable harshness of noise with the unhinged aggression of a punk show. The ugliness of these early recordings would help set the pace for the darkest sectors of the noise and extreme-music scenes as they mutated over the next decade.” – from the Pitchfork review of ‘Natty Light,’ posted May 18, 2019

to read the complete review, click HERE

Black Dice record release party in Reseda!

Black Dice “Natty Light” record release party at The Canby in Reseda

Black Dice DJs
SFV Acid
Sandy Smiles (performance)
Greek Brothers (vegan food)

Wednesday, April 3, 9 PM – one million o’clock

“Natty Light” silkscreen cover edition of 50 only available tonight!